Prevention Tips for Children

Infants and Baby Bottle Syndrome

Dr. Mehrabani and Dr. Gordon suggest that parents bring their child in for a visit to the dental office at 3 years old. This visit is to help your child get comfortable in our office. If you have any questions and your child is under the age of 3 we can be contacted at anytime, but here is some helpful information to help you make informed decisions about your child’s oral hygiene.

Too often ill-informed, well-intending parents make the serious error of allowing their child to sleep with a bottle in the mouth. Juices, milk (breast or cow), or other sugary drinks will pool in the mouth and can cause a severe condition called “Baby Bottle Syndrome”, characterized by severe destructive decay, sometimes with multiple abscesses and resultant pain. It can also affect the development of the underlying adult teeth by mottling the enamel and delaying eruption.

The best way to prevent this syndrome is to avoid giving the child a bottle to sleep with. If a bottle needs to be used, then only pure water is acceptable. Also pacifiers, if being used, must be completely free of any sugary substances, such as honey or previously-ingested milk. Ensure that the pacifier is washed with soap and water before giving it to the baby. Finally, encouraging the child to drink from a cup as soon as possible will help greatly.